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Newly Installed Hvac System

If you are having trouble with your heating or air conditioning equipment and desperately need emergency HVAC repair in Austin TX, call the Comfort Air Pro Team for our 24/7 standby team to quickly attend to your problem.

The unbearable heat and humidity of summer and the icy cold of winter in the city of Austin TX, isn’t for those that are fearful. Even the most hard-bitten people living in Texas will welcome the good feeling from comfort air dispensed from an operational heating or AC equipment.

Normally, you are able to lessen the prospect of most major repairs of your HVAC equipment by having annual preventive maintenance service. There are still chances for equipment not performing as a result of extreme heat, equipment declination, forgotten equipment or usual wear and tear.

We render 24-hour emergency HVAC repair services to cover you. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we will be there to help you to fend off the heat or cold.

Possible Signs That Your HVAC Equipment Requires Repair

Majority of extensive equipment malfunction can be avoided if you are vigilant enough to understand the potential warnings of your heating or AC equipment starting to exhibit out of the ordinary routines or under performing. Even the most indistinct of hints beginning to show up from your heating or AC equipment merit extra scrutiny.

Most people will be asking whether it is a suitable time or not to call for a service or a repairing job. Making just a small-scale fix now and it may save you from having to bear a very expensive bill for some massive repair or replacement of equipment at a time further down the road.

Air Conditioning System

Signs to watch out for include:

1. Lack of cold air -- When a stream of hot air instead of cold air is blowing out from your air vents, it is the most glaring warnings of a forthcoming repair. Before you proceed to call us, do a quick inspection of the temperature controller setting and make certain that it is adjusted to “Cool” rather than “Heat”. Also make certain that the temperature controller is set at several degrees beneath the ambient temperature of the room.

2. Frail airflow -- The shortage of air quantity will most plausibly cause you to feel a little discomfort. This may be a result of a reduction in system air pressure and that may have crop up because of dirty air filter media, iced up cooling coil, malfunction compressor, leakage of ductwork, or issues with your fan blower.

3. Leakage of Water – Under normal situations a small amount of water leakage from the evaporator coil drainage isn’t a cause for alarm at. When there is too much moisture or water forming a pool at the side of the unit, then it requires attention. Not treating it immediately, might lead to mold growing and in serious cases causing damages of your property.

4. Frequently On and Off cycle – If your house air conditioner is not correctly sized, it might cause it to start and stop frequently. It is a sign that your air conditioner may need replacing.

Technician Checking Hvac System
Skilled Technician Servicing AC System

5. Weird noises – Grinding, squealing, grating or other mechanical noises are symptoms of early mechanical part failing and warrant immediate servicing to halt it from further damages.

6. Irritating smells -- A musty smell is a clear sign of potential mold growing on equipment components or in your ductwork, while a burning smell is often a result of electrical cable insulation that has burnt.

7. Ice covered evaporator coils – Restricted airflow because of blocked air filters or coil can lead to condensate water to freeze faster that resulted in iced up coils. Another potential cause might be caused by loss of system refrigerant gas and both requiring the services of a certified technician.

8. Cannot turn on air conditioning system – Examine and ensure that the electrical source at the main distribution board and the emergency shut off near the outside unit are at “ON” position. If the breaker was tripped, turn it “ON” but if it trip one more time, leave the unit off and contact us for urgent repairs.

9. Increase in energy costs – If your energy costs have been going up steadily, it may be the right time to consider replacing your AC unit to the most recent, more energy saving model.

If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, or your AC unit simply isn’t working on a hot summer day, you must call us as soon as possible for Emergency HVAC Repair Austin.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Austin - Call 512-488-4788

Heating System

Signs to watch out for include:

1. Unfamiliar smells – When fall is approaching and you are operating your heating system for the first time, you’ll most plausibly smell a slight burning smell as dirt that has amassed over summer time burns off. If the smell persists, inspect your air filters and replace them if necessary.
If a change of filter doesn’t solve the problem or if you observe that an acrid, musty or otherwise abnormal smell is blowing out from your supply grilles at any time during the heating season, call us for immediate repair.

2. Decrease of hot air – When cold air instead of hot air is coming out from your supply grilles, or if you feel too cold or too hot in certain parts of your house as compared to other areas, then a repair, servicing or replacement of heating equipment may be necessary.

Workers Repairing Heating System Pipes
Technician Fixing Heating System Pipes

3. Strange noises - Strange or loud noises of any kind coming from your heating equipment are clear signs that something is not working properly and in need of extra probing from a qualified technician.

4. Increasing energy bills – If there is a gradual increase in energy cost from providing heating to your house; something is possibly obstructing it from operating at optimum efficiency. A dirty air filter, inadequacy of regular maintenance, or deteriorating equipment, may be the issue, or the heater unit may require repair or changing.

5. Not strong airflow -- A blockage in the ductwork or a blocked air filter may be the reason for a drop in airflow. Other potential reason could be due to issue with the fan blades, fan belts or motor.

6. Frequently cutting-in and cutting-out cycle – Not properly sized is normally the reason as to why your heating equipment is constantly short cycling. Contact our certified technician for a quick diagnosis and repair.

Similarly, if any of these symptoms sounds familiar, or your heating equipment simply isn’t working on a cold winter day, you must call us as soon as possible for Emergency HVAC Repair Austin.

Emergency Heating Repair Austin - Call  512-488-4788

When Is The Appropriate Time You Need To Call Us?

In actual fact, your heating or AC equipment has no conception of time and they are inclined to a sudden breakdown or unable to function at any time of the day or night. While certain issues can be held back until a scheduled servicing date, more serious problems may warrant a call immediately for emergency servicing.

Air Conditioning System :

1. Hot or not enough airflow.

2. A stinging smell blowing out from your supply grilles.

3. Very high mechanical noises.

4. Ice-covered cooling coil.

5. Freon gas or water leaks.

6. Air conditioning equipment that won’t turn on.


Heating System :

1. Heating equipment won’t turn on.

2. Never-ending, abnormal smells.

3. Very loud or abnormal noises.

4. Not hot or not enough airflow.


Emergency Heating & AC Repair Austin - Call 512-488-4788

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Just when the temperature is getting colder at this time of the year, our heater simply stops working and just blowing cold air. I started early in the morning searching for a company that is able to send someone over on the same day as we were expecting a freezing night. Managed to get in touch with a couple of companies but they were unable to send anyone out that day. I kept searching and got in touch with the Comfort Air Pro Team. They were able to send someone over on that day. An hour later, Mike called to let us know he was on his way. He checked and was quick to find the source of the problem which was a faulty thermostat. The thermostat was replaced and our heater was working again. Mike was really efficient and I would recommend them to others

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Our group of skillful, responsible, NATE certified technicians will provide swift, courteous emergency heating and air conditioning repair service to home owners and business owners in and around the Austin TX area at any time regardless of day time or night time. We will not be stopping until your heating or cooling equipment is operating at optimum efficiency again.


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